About us

RSZ Group is a product of the skillsets of our 2 Directors.

Nick Hampton – Nick has spent 25 years in business, and has expertise in Accountancy, Software, IT, Networks and Systems. His mindset is very focused on Analytics and Systems. He has spent many years running his own businesses, as well as working for other businesses ranging from Micro Entities up to PLC’s. He is a specialist in start up’s, property businesses, online retail, and any business which can be system driven.

Phil Elder – Phil has spent over 20 years and has an incredibly wide and varied skillset. Whilst he is mainly focussed on Sales and Marketing, Phil’s experience includes being a Commercial Airline Pilot, a diver for the Navy and the most exciting of all, an Estate Agent. Phil’s business specialist industries are property investors (especially HMO’s), medical / aesthetics businesses and any business which involves presenting, sales or marketing. To top it off, Phil is also part of a group in the Guiness Book of World Records for public speaking.

Phil and Nick originally met 4 years ago and instantly formed a friendship which was based on their love of business. In 2018, Nick decided he wanted a change from his current business, and Phil came up with the hair brained idea that maybe they should do something together. Nick and Phil both realised that their skillsets were highly complimentary of one another, with Phil’s background in Sales and Marketing, and Nick’s in Finance, IT and Systems, they had the perfect balance to be able to support any business, and that was the beginning of the RSZ journey….

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