RSZ Group

RSZ Group was formed as a culmination of our efforts. We had RSZ Accountancy and RSZ Finance, and we were continually being asked for business advice. As such, we put together RSZ Group to hold all of our three businesses with the addition of RSZ Consultancy.


This allows us to provide a full range of services in a multitude of business sectors.

Property Investors


Self Employed

Business Start Ups

Medical / Aesthetics Industry


RSZ Group is a product of the skillsets of our 2 Directors.

Nick Hampton – Nick has spent 25 years in business, and has expertise in Accountancy, Software, IT, Networks and Systems. His mindset is very focused on Analytics and Systems. He has spent many years running his own businesses, as well as working for other businesses ranging from Micro Entities up to PLC’s. He is a specialist in start up’s, property businesses, online retail, and any business which can be system driven.

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